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Your gate to the worldImport And Export

Whatever and wherever you want , You'll Get it.

Electra has provided import and export services for others in order to achieve our vision of supporting the Egyptian economy by providing import and export cards and assisting the customer by providing all relevant information, preparing documents, and communicating with suppliers to ensure the success of the process.

As a result of our growing pride and confidence, our ability to provide distinguished services at a high level has increased. Electra Company is distinguished by the best import and export service for third parties and customs clearance provided by Electra Company, in addition to its excellent package of services in importing and exporting goods to and from any country in the world, including Egypt.

Web Solutions

We helps you to reach your targeted customers with accurate and efficient way

Electra provides the greatest web design and development firms, as well as responsive web design services for all desktops, Android, and iPhones, as well as affordable web hosting.

We are now living in a digital world, and those who have the skills to compete effectively will win. Do you know what the most vital tools are to compete in this open digital environment? You require a competitive website that serves as your customer’s online interface.

Electra offers expert web design services to help you compete in the business industry in general and the digital market in particular.

Commerce anywhereElectronic Components

We cover all your Electronic Components needs anywhere through wankin or E-commerce Stores

We supply the consumer customer and suppliers with the best Electronic components , industrial , Robotics and mechanical spare parts since there is a growing desire to use robotics and artificial intelligence.
In addition to offering our services for delivery and shipping to your location

In and OutLogistic and public procurement services

Logistic and public procurement services that we provide to our customers constantly work to make sure the customer receives the greatest service at the best price in the shortest timeframe.